Quote by Umberto Eco : “If you want to use”

If you want to use television to teach somebody, you must first teachthem how to use television. – Umberto Eco

Quote by Umberto Eco : “A monk should surely love”

A monk should surely love his books with humility, wishing their good and not the glory of his own curiosity; but what the temptation of adultery is for laymen and the yearning for riches is for secular ecclesiastics, the seduction of knowledge is for monks. – Umberto Eco

Quote by Umberto Eco : “Then why do you want”

Then why do you want to know?””Because learning does not consist only of knowing what we must or we can do, but also of knowing what we could do and perhaps should not do. – Umberto Eco

Quote by Umberto Eco : “Thus we have on stage”

Thus we have on stage two men, each of whom knows nothing of what he believes the other knows, and to deceive each other reciprocally both speak in allusions, each of the two hoping (in vain) that the other holds the key to his puzzle. – Umberto Eco