Quote by Sean Carroll : “All lives are different and”

All lives are different, and some face hardships that others will never know. But we all share the same universe, the same laws of nature, and the same fundamental task of creating meaning and of mattering for ourselves and those around us in the brief amount of time we have in the world.Three billion heartbeats. […]

Quote by Sean Carroll : “The universe is incredibly more”

The universe is incredibly more orderly than it has any right to be. – Sean Carroll

Quote by Sean Carroll : “The universe is not a”

The universe is not a miracle. It simply is, unguided and unsustained, manifesting the patterns of nature with scrupulous regularity. Over billions of years it has evolved naturally, from a state of low entropy toward increasing complexity, and it will eventually wind down to a featureless equilibrium. We are the miracle, we human beings. Not […]