Quote by sal younis : “During OpticalOptometric Assistant program students”

During Optical/Optometric Assistant program, students will learn the procedures and equipment used in diagnosing and treating eye and vision deficiencies and office procedures related to the vision care field. – sal younis

Quote by Sal Younis : “NCE’s Medical Assistant program trains”

NCE’s Medical Assistant program trains students to fill a variety of positions in the medical field, including as a Medical Assistant, a Clinical or Administrative Assistant and a Medical Receptionist. – Sal Younis

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If you would like to help people banish their eyesight woes and improve their quality of life, then studying to become an optical assistant is the right choice. If your goal is to enter the medical field, and a career as an Optical/Optometric Assistant, sounds interesting to you, then NCE’s Optical/Optometric Assistant program is the […]