Quote by Saaif Alam : “When earning a degree from”

When earning a degree from higher education, you should not only keep the certificates under your possession since you invested time and money to pursue an education. You should make use of the degree pursuing a career that pertains to your field of studies. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “If we take pride of”

If we take pride of our responsibility completing tasks, it will create a good impression among others about our commitment to fulfill their needs and/or wants. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Fake friends will occupy around”

Fake friends will occupy around you as flies. However, real friends will stick to you as blood connected family members. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “People with disabilities should not”

People with disabilities should not be considered unadvataged because they can high self esteem as others to fulfill their potential. People should be aware that a disability is something that some people can be born with and it is not a choice for them. Therefore, they should be treated with respect and should not be […]

Quote by Saaif Alam : “High emotional intelligence is one”

High emotional intelligence is one the most essential characteristic of democratic leadership when taking responsibility in an organization, community or any social settings. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Learning is not a form”

Learning is not a form of slavery when you are getting an education. It is a privilege that can expand your knowledge and horizons in order to better understand the core values of survival if you are willing to put the time and effort to be a well educated human being, – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Pure anecdotal statements would not”

Pure anecdotal statements would not convince others about the actual societal problems and solutions without providing reliable empirical evidence. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “An author would not compose”

An author would not compose a book that does not contain a purpose in the context of entire text. Therefore, readers should take advantage to read a fiction or nonfiction book that can educate them about a specific topic that is relevant to real life situations. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “If a person works smart”

If a person works smart instead of executing unnecessary effort with their tasks, he or she can achieve the greatest success in life. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “The aspects of corruption contradicts”

The aspects of corruption contradicts the meaning of realism because our planet is occupied with a huge chunk of brainwashed people. The only way, our world can overcome this problem, if educators pay m,ore attention to their learners and prepare them to gain knowledge about moral values and real life responsibilities. – Saaif Alam