Quote by Saaif Alam : “When you plan something that”

When you plan something that is unpragmatic, it proves that you do not have a lot of knowledge about your topic that you are mentioning to others. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “A fool will always rely”

A fool will always rely on what someone else says, however an intelligent person would use critical thinking to justify the rationality of statements made by others before embracing their influence. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “If we are devoted to”

If we are devoted to some inspirational and significant people in our lives, they will never vanish from our memories. The people who we do not keep a good relation with can be forgotten because they do not take affirmative action to help you overcome your obstacles and show support for your success. – Saaif […]

Quote by Saaif Alam : “If you want to advocate”

If you want to advocate for change, observe critically an ongoing struggle a group of people encounter for periods of time and formulate a solution that adequately address the problem for social justice. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “The more specific knowledge a”

The more specific knowledge a person posses, the greater ability an individual can comprehend and develop solutions to a particular real life or academic concept. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “An insincere individual would feel”

An insincere individual would feel afraid to admit the truth because he or she wants to avoid facing the consequences with a guilty conscious . Eventually, he or she will get caught and will face more serve consequences for their guilty actions including committing acts of dishonesty. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “There is no such thing”

There is no such thing a person can reach his or her goals by taking shortcuts because it is considered as one form of cheating. The person must use his or her own unique knowledge and apply a great deal of effort simultaneously in order to achieve his or her goals successfully. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “A poet will exaggerate his”

A poet will exaggerate his or her statements by making deep connections with personal life situations or public events. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif alam : “If each and one of”

If each and one of us understands the essence of human values, we will be able to sustain our civilization by living in tranquility and embrace the opportunities that each of us can contribute to our society. – Saaif alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “When a person is devastated”

When a person is devastated, it coneys that the individual is regretting for his or her mistakes. – Saaif Alam