Quote by Saaif Alam : “If a person works smart”

If a person works smart instead of executing unnecessary effort with their tasks, he or she can achieve the greatest success in life. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “The aspects of corruption contradicts”

The aspects of corruption contradicts the meaning of realism because our planet is occupied with a huge chunk of brainwashed people. The only way, our world can overcome this problem, if educators pay m,ore attention to their learners and prepare them to gain knowledge about moral values and real life responsibilities. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “When you are preoccupied with”

When you are preoccupied with a disturbing thought or felling that is considered irrational and waste of time, you will reduce your time enjoying the pleasure of your life. The strategy to overcome your mental shortcomings, is to participate in outdoor activities and socialize with others who have emphatic understanding about your feelings and thoughts. […]

Quote by Saaif Alam : “When a person opens his”

When a person opens his or her mouth, the dialogue must contain a purpose that sounds sensible towards his or her surroundings. If the person uses this strategy, he or she can earn self respect from others. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Read a book that would”

Read a book that would help you gain useful knowledge and incorporate the information in your real life experience when aiming to pursue long term goals. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “An education system is suppose”

An education system is suppose to teach our students on expanding authentic knowledge about the world, understanding the essence of civil values and help them to possess adequate skills to work in the labor force. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “When an individual spreads rumors”

When an individual spreads rumors about others, it erroneously damage their reputation. Therefore, this individual would eventually face the consequences from the victim because this kind of behavior is considered as a civil offense which consist of slander statements. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Active listening careful decision making”

Active listening, careful decision making and intellectual communication can help you to establish a successful conflict resolution in a relationship, leadership role or any kind of group settings. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Irinistic motivation can help people”

Irinistic motivation can help people attain academic success and possess themselves with great depth of knowledge. – Saaif Alam

Quote by Saaif Alam : “Being fatigued and restless about”

Being fatigued and restless about challenging responsibilities could not lead you to a situation of yourself being highly respected about your dignity and accomplishments. – Saaif Alam