Quote by Reshma Saujani : “I was full of pride”

I was full of pride when President Obama talked about coding in his last State of the Union address. I was proud when Chicago recently made computer science mandatory as a requirement for graduation. To see this elevate to the level of a bigger conversation is progress. – Reshma Saujani

Quote by Reshma Saujani : “In college I studied political”

In college, I studied political science, policy, and law. My plan was to move to New York, pay off student debt in a year or two, and then run for office. – Reshma Saujani

Quote by Reshma Saujani : “We need policymakers to keep”

We need policymakers to keep an eye on gender and write policies that are explicitly designed to include underserved populations like girls in computer science courses. – Reshma Saujani