Quote by Rajesh` : “We should all know and”

We should all know and understand that science refers to everything related to common sense, rational thinking, reason-based approach, evidence-based conclusions, well-researched assumptions, prejudice-free inferences, child-like imagination, and the like. – Rajesh`

Quote by Rajesh` : “Science is the path a”

Science is the path a curious child would take when not told about anything. – Rajesh`

Quote by Rajesh` : “Science takes you on a”

Science takes you on a ride to explain how everything works. Religion takes you for a ride to explain why everything works. – Rajesh`

Quote by Rajesh` : “Science is based on measurement”

Science is based on measurement and inference, which we can all look at with open access to swim in the great ocean of truth and experience things for ourselves, instead of being made to sit on the beach and told stories about the waves and the waters. That is what religion does. – Rajesh`