Quote by Rainn Wilson : I had bohemian parents in Seattle

I had bohemian parents in Seattle in the last ’60s living in a houseboat. My dad wrote science fiction novels and painted big murals and oil paintings.

Quote by Rainn Wilson : “I realized that education was”

I realized that education was everything…If you want to change the world, education is the key…it is only through education that real change can be effected. Also, education isn’t charity. – Rainn Wilson

Quote by Rainn Wilson : “And I do believe that “

And I do believe that the way to change a society, to uplift people – not just their spirit, but to uplift their society and economic base – is through education.

Quote by Rainn Wilson : “Every religion is eventually corrupted”

Every religion is eventually corrupted by its fallible clergy and the slow, inevitable drift toward hollow ritual and empty ceremony…That’s why religion needs refreshing every millennium or so. – Rainn Wilson

Quote by Rainn Wilson : “science and religion are like”

…science and religion are like two wings of the bird of humanity that must work in harmony in order for humankind to survive. Science without religion is materialism and religion without science is mere superstition. – Rainn Wilson