Quote by Pervez Hoodbhoy : “The Hanbalite Ibn Taymiya understood”

The Hanbalite Ibn Taymiya understood Ilm (knowledge) as referring to that knowledge which derives from the Prophet. Everything else he regarded either as useless or no science at all, even though it might be called by that name. – Pervez Hoodbhoy

Quote by Pervez Hoodbhoy : “Even the elites in developing”

Even the elites in developing countries know nothing about the development of calculus or electromagnetism and why, without these theoretical tools, the modern products of science would have been impossible. Indeed, appreciation and internalization of science cannot occur without the simultaneous development of a rational, modern and egalitarian system of education. – Pervez Hoodbhoy

Quote by Pervez Hoodbhoy : “Should a nonMuslim have alleged”

Should a non-Muslim have alleged that Muslim science is but a regurgitation of Greek Science, one can safely suppose that he would be angrily challenged. But coming from supposed defenders of the faith, these insults to Muslim science and Its heroes have drawn little reaction. – Pervez Hoodbhoy