Quote by Oscar Wilde : “Success is a science; “

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “In England, an invento”

In England, an inventor is regarded almost as a crazy man, and in too many instances, invention ends in disappointment and poverty. In America, an inventor is honoured, help is forthcoming, and the exercise of ingenuity, the application of science to the work of man, is there the shortest road to wealth.

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “Romance should never b”

Romance should never begin with sentiment. It should begin with science and end with a settlement.

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “Writing bores me so.”

Writing bores me so.

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “There should be a law “

There should be a law that no ordinary newspaper should be allowed to write about art. The harm they do by their foolish and random writing it would be impossible to overestimate – not to the artist, but to the public, blinding them to all but harming the artist not at all.

Quote by oscar wilde : “The advantage of the emotions”

The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray, and the advantage of science is that it is not emotional. – oscar wilde

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “The nuisance of the intellectual”

The nuisance of the intellectual sphere is the man who is so occupied in trying to educate others, that he has never had any time to educate himself – Oscar Wilde

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “We all take such pains”

We all take such pains to over-educate ourselves. In the wild struggle for existence, we want to have something that endures, and so we fill our minds with rubbish and facts, in the silly hope of keeping our place. The thoroughly well-informed man – that is the modern ideal. And the mind of the thoroughly […]

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “The man who sees both”

The man who sees both sides of a question is a man who sees absolutely nothing. – Oscar Wilde

Quote by Oscar Wilde : “In old days men had”

In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment it is the only […]