Quote by Naveen Jain : “Opensource encyclopedias such as Wikipedia”

Open-source encyclopedias such as Wikipedia and search engines such as Google and Bing, which people can tap into anytime and anywhere via computers and smart phones, put a world of knowledge at our fingertips at a lower cost than ever before. – Naveen Jain

Quote by Naveen Jain : “The digital revolution has also”

The digital revolution has also meant a revolution in access to information. This puts more power and knowledge into the hands of nonexperts. – Naveen Jain

Quote by Naveen Jain : “If we want to impact”

If we want to impact hundreds – or millions – of people, we have to do things differently. If we look at the problem as an infrastructural problem, we cannot make an impact because it requires a lot of effort. But when we convert this problem into a knowledge problem, suddenly the problem is manageable. […]

Quote by Naveen Jain : “Teaching children about entrepreneurship is”

Teaching children about entrepreneurship is much like imparting any other skill or piece of knowledge. You will provide them with ways to experience how entrepreneurship works, and you guide them toward the subjects or areas they seem to show an interest in. – Naveen Jain