Quote by Jonathan Haidt : “Morality binds and blinds This”

Morality binds and blinds. This is not just something that happens to people on the other side. We all get sucked into tribal moral communities. We circle around sacred values and then share post hoc arguments about why we are so right and they are so wrong. We think the other side is blind to […]

Quote by Rick Bayan : “We’re more proficient than women”

We’re more proficient than women at arm wrestling, fresco-painting, ice hockey and particle physics. We make better cabinets, sun decks and booster rockets. We know how to read a map. In the movies, most Westerns and martial arts films would be poorer without our presence. …So let’s renew our male mission and wear our antlers […]

Quote by Jan Golembiewski : “Children love both magic and”

Children love both magic and science for the same reason both are enablers. Both offer power and solutions to impossible problems. But then something shifts when people discover the instability magic brings to existence. It shatters the world that’s been built on predictability and logic. Suddenly the material, the countable, the definable is pulled from […]

Quote by the Brothers Jensen : “Nearly always there exist an”

Nearly always, there exist an inverse relationship between function and form. In other words, when something is made more beautiful, it becomes less functional. This maxim can be applied to objects as well as people.Quotes to squeegee your third eye: Thinking outside your cage(2018; 9780970491954; pg. 61) – the Brothers Jensen

Quote by Bùi Văn Nam Sơn : “Không nên phân biệt kiểu”

Không nên phân biệt kiểu… nhị nguyên một bên là khoa học tự nhiên và bên kia là khoa học nhân văn (triết học), một bên là khoa học thường nghiệm và bên kia là khoa học không thường nghiệm! Ta chỉ có một thế giới và một cây đại thụ của tri thức mà […]

Quote by Parth Vijay : “Dreams can be doorway to”

Dreams can be doorway to a different universe. – Parth Vijay

Quote by Linus Pauling : “I am not however militant”

…I am not, however, militant in my atheism. The great English theoretical physicist Paul Dirac is a militant atheist. I suppose he is interested in arguing about the existence of God. I am not. It was once quipped that there is no God and Dirac is his prophet. – Linus Pauling

Quote by Michael Crichton : “Science is as corruptible a”

Science is as corruptible a human activity as any other. – Michael Crichton

Quote by Stephen Jay Gould : “No Geologist worth anything is”

No Geologist worth anything is permanently bound to a desk or laboratory, but the charming notion that true science can only be based on unbiased observation of nature in the raw is mythology. Creative work, in geology and anywhere else, is interaction and synthesis: half-baked ideas from a bar room, rocks in the field, chains […]

Quote by Steven Weinberg : “Before history there was science”

Before history there was science, of a sort. At any moment nature presents us with a variety of puzzling phenomena: fire, thunderstorms, plagues, planetary motion, light, tides, and so on. Observation of the world led to useful generalizations: fires are hot; thunder presages rain; tides are highest when the Moon is full or new, and […]