Quote by Latest Vowels : “A great mistake is committed”

A great mistake is committed when you stop learning from the day next to the day when you learnt from your biggest failure. – Latest Vowels

Quote by Pierre-Henry Soria : “« Quand on veut on”

« Quand on veut, on peut. Tout est possible, mais il faut le vouloir. » – Pierre-Henry Soria

Quote by Raj Kumar Koochitani : “Its only your attitude which”

Its only your attitude which decides about your respect and image. – Raj Kumar Koochitani

Quote by Abhijit Naskar : “We are manipulating machine intelligence”

We are manipulating machine intelligence, and in the process, we have forgotten to effectively utilize the true potential of our own mind, let alone focus on improving the mind. We are developing artificial intelligence and have forgotten to develop our own psyche. – Abhijit Naskar

Quote by Zack Friedman : “Life isn’t won and lost”

Life isn’t won and lost on the first day. – Zack Friedman

Quote by Melissa Dahl : “You don’t have to feel”

You don’t have to feel like getting something done in order to actually get it done. – Melissa Dahl

Quote by Mike Stagnitta : “healthiness and happiness are dependent”

healthiness and happiness are dependent on each other – Mike Stagnitta

Quote by Anupama Sarkar : “Your heart does have a”

Your heart does have a mind. Allow it to speak. Soon you would regain confidence in your feelings. And begin to live in the Free manner, you have always dreamt to be! – Anupama Sarkar

Quote by Tamuna Tsertsvadze : “Sometimes to protect what one”

Sometimes, to protect what one treasures the most, one might need to cross certain limits which others may deem impossible to overpass. To overcome one’s fears and boundaries in order to do what one considers right – that is the true freedom. Indeed, a casual civilian might not be able to do that… but a […]

Quote by Belsebuub : “Spirituality is for people It’s”

Spirituality is for people. It’s not just for those who you might have read about in books, it’s for people. – Belsebuub