Quote by Mother Angelica : “The proud intellectual seeks knowledge”

The proud intellectual seeks knowledge about God, but he never knows God, because he cannot accept the mysteries that he is unable to fully comprehend. – Mother Angelica

Quote by Mother Angelica : “No creature not even the”

No creature, not even the most exalted angel, can understand God or have perfect knowledge of Him. – Mother Angelica

Quote by Mother Angelica : “Jesus was loyal to his”

Jesus was loyal to his apostles, with full knowledge of their cowardice. He was loyal to the poor, accepting the criticism of the Pharisees, so the destitute would never feel deserted. He was loyal to his father, accomplishing his will even unto death. – Mother Angelica

Quote by Mother Angelica : “Man can and does rationalize”

Man can and does rationalize his sins. He finds reasons for all his weakness, invents excuses that first calm and then deaden his conscience. He blames God, society, education, and environment for his wrong doing. – Mother Angelica

Quote by Mother Angelica : “We live in an age”

We live in an age of technology and science that demands proof, and yet we desire mystery. But when God gives us mystery, we seek to destroy it by gross indifference or childish reasoning. – Mother Angelica