Quote by Michael Pollan : “So perhaps spiritual experience is”

So perhaps spiritual experience is simply what happens in the space that opens up in the mind when all mean egotism vanishes. – Michael Pollan

Quote by Michael Pollan : “The second or third time”

The second or third time I watched Stamets show a video of a Cordyceps doing its diabolical thing to an ant—commandeering its body, making it do its bidding, and then exploding a mushroom from its brain in order to disseminate its genes—it occurred to me that Stamets and that poor ant had rather a lot […]

Quote by Michael Pollan : “Plus I love comic writing”

Plus, I love comic writing. Nothing satisfies me more than finding a funny way to phrase something. – Michael Pollan

Quote by Michael Pollan : “The big journals and Nobel”

The big journals and Nobel laureates are the equivalent of Congressional leaders in science journalism. – Michael Pollan

Quote by Michael Pollan : “In general science journalism concerns”

In general, science journalism concerns itself with what has been published in a handful of peer-reviewed journals – Nature, Cell, The New England Journal of Medicine – which set the agenda. – Michael Pollan