Quote by Michael G. Strauss : “The evidence for the beginning”

The evidence for the beginning of the universe in the big bang has become so powerful and so convincing that scientists have accepted it as true even though the philosophical and theological implications may be repugnant to some. – Michael G. Strauss

Quote by Michael G. Strauss : “Based on the evidence from”

Based on the evidence from both observations and theoretical calculations, the scientific community eventually, and maybe reluctantly, has accepted the idea that the universe appear to have begun about fourteen billion years ago–because there is no other explanation that fits the evidence. – Michael G. Strauss

Quote by Michael G. Strauss : “When we understand how the”

When we understand how the big bang reveals the person and character of God, we see him more clearly, and this shows his glory, majesty, and wonder. – Michael G. Strauss

Quote by Michael G. Strauss : “There are some Christians who”

There are some Christians who say that most scientists today have misunderstood the facts of nature. They say that the facts clearly point to a universe created just a few thousand years ago. But such a belief is inconsistent with what Romans 1:20 implies. Paul says that the evidence left by the creator should be […]