Quote by Michael Crichton : “Science is as corruptible a”

Science is as corruptible a human activity as any other. – Michael Crichton

Quote by Michael Crichton : “God creates dinosaurs God kills”

God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man brings back dinosaurs. – Michael Crichton

Quote by Michael Crichton : “But now science is the”

But now science is the belief system that is hundreds of years old. And, like the medieval system before it, science is starting not to fit the world any more. Science has attained so much power that its practical limits begin to be apparent. Largely through science, billions of us live in one small world, […]

Quote by Michael Crichton : “La actual preocupación casi histérica”

La actual preocupación casi histérica por la seguridad es en el mejor de los casos un derroche de recursos y un obstáculo para el espíritu humano, y en el peor de los casos una invitación al totalitarismo. Se necesita con urgencia educación pública. – Michael Crichton

Quote by Michael Crichton : “Everyone has a hidden agenda”

Everyone has a hidden agenda. Except me! – Michael Crichton

Quote by Michael Crichton : “I would remind you to”

I would remind you to notice where the claim of consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists agrees that E=mc2. Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to […]

Quote by Michael Crichton : “I am certain there is”

I am certain there is too much certainty in the world. – Michael Crichton