Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “Amicus scientia est amicus Deus”

Amicus scientia est amicus Deus: Friend of science is the friend of God! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “The ‘stream’ we call science”

The ‘stream’ we call science always flows forward; sometimes reactionary beavers block its flow, but the stream is never defeated by this; it accumulates, gathers strength; its waters get over the barrage and continue on their course. The advancement of science is the advancement of God, for science is nothing but human intelligence, and human […]

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “The eagle is wise because”

The eagle is wise because he looks everywhere, not somewhere. If you want to raise wise people, raise people who look everywhere, not somewhere! Let them know all the ideas, let them travel on all roads! Let them walk in the light and in the dark! Above all, let them make a habit of doubting […]

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “Man What are you Who”

Man! What are you? Who are you? Just a shadow in this universe! You always forget this and the truth will always remind you what you really are! Do you want to be a real thing, not just a shadow? Improve your science ten thousand times; improve your science hundred thousand times! If you can’t […]

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “I’m saying that the leaders”

I’m saying that the leaders of the church have locked the sacred cow called science in the stable and they won’t let anybody enter; they should open it immediately so that we can milk that cow in the name of humanity and thus find the truth. – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “A primitive education can only”

A primitive education can only create primitive generations! An outdated mentality will produce merely an outdated minds! The door of the future is closed for such archaic residuals from the pre-modern time of social evolution! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “It is better to go”

It is better to go near the truth and be imprisoned than to stay with the wrong and roam about freely, master Galilei. In fact, getting attached to falsity is terrible slavery, and real freedom is only next to the right. – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “There are two kinds of”

There are two kinds of science: The black science and the white science. The science of weapon production is the black one. Working in this category of science is a great betrayal to humanity! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “Only through reading various books”

Only through reading various books and gaining a variety of knowledge, our intellect can find a path to develop itself properly! – Mehmet Murat ildan

Quote by Mehmet Murat ildan : “Mysticism is colourful and alluring”

Mysticism is colourful and alluring, but if you are after the truth, science is the best path! – Mehmet Murat ildan