Quote by Maryam Abdullah Alnaymi : “In the educational domain searching”

In the educational domain, searching for depth, value, benefit and mark are matters that need to be the absolute priorities. There is no other option that explains neglecting them and caring about other matters that are only sparkling and have a bright that would soon fade, since they have no basis to support them, nor […]

Quote by Maryam Abdullah Alnaymi : “The educators pride of their”

The educators pride of their profession opens the space to more giving that knows no limitation, and it is a demand that is forced by things nature, and a logic that is required by the profession reality to every organization that wants success and chooses winning by making sure that all of their employees has […]

Quote by Maryam Abdullah Alnaymi : “The education profession cannot bear”

The education profession cannot bear but success. Failing in it is just a proof of poor visions, or lack of educational efficiencies. Both should be excluded from the educational work that should be protected from any barrier that would block its way, and would deprive the generation from getting the overall upbringing that should build […]

Quote by Maryam Abdullah Alnaymi : “Like playing cards in the”

Like playing cards in the hands of an unprofessional player, the school activities papers are scattered lacking the connection between them and the upper educational goals.And like the playing cards scatter all around the place when played by amateurs who don’t know the rules of the game, the school activities spread in time and place […]