Author:Mary Oliver
Topics:Inspirational Quotes

Quote by Mary Oliver : “Last Night the Rain Spoke”

Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me”Last nightPhoto by Shawn NystrandPhoto by Shawn Nystrandthe rainspoke to meslowly, saying,what joyto come fallingout of the brisk cloud…That’s what it saidas it dropped,smelling of iron,and vanished…Then it was over.The sky cleared.I was standingunder a tree.The tree was a treewith happy leaves,and I was myself,and there were stars in the skythat were also themselvesat the momentat which momentmy right handwas holding my left handwhich was holding the treewhich was filled with starsand the soft rain –imagine! imagine!the long and wondrous journeysstill to be ours. – Mary Oliver