Quote by Marley Dias : “Innovation comes from,”

Innovation comes from, one, acknowledging yourself; two, studying and understanding the problem; and three, finding a solution.

Quote by Marley Dias : “I suggest school buses make”

I suggest school buses make stops at local libraries so that children who do not have resources like books at home can get access. – Marley Dias

Quote by Marley Dias : “Most girls spend most of”

Most girls spend most of their time at school. If real change comes from hearing our voices, it has to start in school, but school is a place where black girls tend to experience microaggressions. Microaggressions are not always obvious, ugly, or terrible things, but they make you feel as though your voice does not […]

Quote by Marley Dias : “My goal for the 1000BlackGirlBooks”

My goal for the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign is to create systemic change across all school systems. I want there to be diverse books that reflect the lives of every person, regardless of whether or not they are in the majority. – Marley Dias

Quote by Marley Dias : “It was the desire to”

It was the desire to see black girls and our experiences in the books that I was given to read at school that forced me to speak my truth. I launched #1000BlackGirlBooks, a book drive to collect the stories of women of color. – Marley Dias