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Quote by Lyle Rebbeck : “Pads LeakingIf students are having”

Pads LeakingIf students are having trouble with notes not speaking, especially as they go down the horn, chances are they have one or more leaky pads. A leak light will confirm this, and the work I’m going to describe here really can’t be done without a leak light. If one side of the pad is sealing and the other side is leaking, the key is slightly bent. First check the bases of the posts these keys are connected to, making sure there are no bends or dents causing the keys to be out of alignment. I also like to take the neckpiece off and look down the inside wall of the body. If the horn has been dropped or knocked off a chair, there may not be visible dents, but by looking down the inside you may see that the body is bending to one side or the other. In either case, the horn will need to be sent to a qualified repairman for some major work. If no damage is visible, you can adjust the key back to being flat with a couple of simple tools. – Lyle Rebbeck