Quote by Loren Weisman : “Learning empowering studying practicing and”

Learning, empowering, studying, practicing, and not repeating the same mistakes will help you move forward, move up, and move on to where you want to be. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “It is very challenging to”

It is very challenging to effectively act on motivation and inspiration alone. Without education and direction, forward motion can become a great challenge. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “If You say the same”

If You… say the same things as everyone else… share the same links as everyone else…post the same quotes as everyone else… and put up the same pictures as everyone else…Why should anyone think you are any different than everyone else?You have your own creativity. You have your own story.Stop trying to tell another person’s […]

Quote by Loren Weisman : “speakers becoming the rare find”

speakers becoming the rare find…. and for very little investment you can become a “certified speaker and expert” from your choice of many so-called and even established business gurus.Look to those with authority, #integrity, experience, #excellence, and #credibility to help inspire with applicable information and not just empty sugar high motivation (that wears off quickly)Watch […]

Quote by Loren Weisman : “Looking for someone to hear”

Looking for someone to hear you and your desired message of change? Do not open with insults, attacks and attitude pointed at the people that might be able to help make that change. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “I see many more successes”

I see many more successes and wins from those working to be better over those trying to be the best. Remove the hype, the hate and the ego in your growth to truly grow to your potential and beyond. Stop subscribing to the idea that you have to be the best. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “Be the person you would”

Be the person you would do anything for. Be the person you will not let down. It’s time to respect yourself and your dream; both truly deserve that respect. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “Do not hide duck or”

Do not hide, duck or cover when you are asked to give an answer or information that someone is not going to like. Answer the questions, even if the answers are not what others want to hear. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “Please give credit where credit”

Please give credit where credit is due.Are you up to code? With your content creation conduct?Honor the creators if you are going to use their content to promote yourself or your business to your audience. – Loren Weisman

Quote by Loren Weisman : “Your focus on only motivation”

Your focus on only motivation, instead of expanding your reach and knowledge through education, communication and comprehension, is the reason for stagnation in your forward motion. – Loren Weisman