Quote by Lil Dicky : “Ex-Boyfriend’ is a rea”

Ex-Boyfriend’ is a really funny story that is that much funnier when you have visuals attached to it as opposed to just hearing it. I couldn’t let a song like that go un-videoed.

Quote by Lil Dicky : “I knew I could rap”

I knew I could rap a little bit, which is not the most unique way for being funny. The more I did it, the better I got at rapping, and then I fell in love with the craft of it, and the possibility that I was a good rapper was very intriguing. – Lil Dicky

Quote by Lil Dicky : “Sometimes I want to be”

Sometimes I want to be completely outlandish and funny, but sometimes I feel the need to prove myself as a rapper. – Lil Dicky

Quote by Lil Dicky : “I always dreamed of being”

I always dreamed of being an entertainer. So, my whole life to some extent, or from the age that I can remember onwards, I knew I was going to have to make some sort of attempt at being noticed for being funny. – Lil Dicky