Quote by Leonard Cohen : “I don’t have any sense”

I don’t have any sense or urgency about any of my writing, actually. I don’t think mankind will be damaged if I don’t put out a new album or a new book.

Quote by Leonard Cohen : “There are some people “

There are some people who come to me for some illumination on their problems. I guess they feel I’m writing about some of the things they themselves are going through. But I don’t usually have much help to give – there isn’t much you can say to someone in the midst of their own crises.

Quote by Leonard Cohen : “I didn’t really know w”

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started. I just started writing songs. After two songs I just continued to explore it.

Quote by Leonard Cohen : “All of my writing has “

All of my writing has guitars behind it, even the novels.