Quote by Marjorie M. Liu : “It is possible to drown”

It is possible to drown in information… and die for lack of wisdom. – Marjorie M. Liu

Quote by Steven Magee : “We all know that birth”

We all know that birth is the start of the illness, disease and death processes. – Steven Magee

Quote by Francis Shenstone : “Provide tremendous value to as”

Provide tremendous value to as many people as possible, and you will attract blessings into your life. – Francis Shenstone

Quote by Jenny Offill : “A few nights later I”

A few nights later, I secretly hope that I might be a genius. Why else can no amount of sleeping pills fell my brain? But in the morning my daughter asks me what a cloud is and I cannot say. – Jenny Offill

Quote by Omer Toledano : “Human eyes have not yet”

Human eyes have not yet reached as far as they can go with a telescope, nor have they seen everything there is to see with a microscope. – Omer Toledano

Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita : “The path of light is”

The path of light is the quest for knowledge. – Lailah Gifty Akita

Quote by Alain Bremond-Torrent : “Specialists must feel special”

Specialists must feel special. – Alain Bremond-Torrent

Quote by Théun Mares : “When the warrior fails in”

When the warrior fails in any one particular pursuit of knowledge he is not defeated, because in walking the path of knowledge we fight many battles – some we win, some we lose. Success lies not in how many battles we have won, but in how well we have fought. – Théun Mares

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “There is a simple rule”

There is a simple rule regarding wisdom: those who have a superficial knowledge cannot be wise. On the contrary, wise people have broad knowledge. However, besides the acquired knowledge, wisdom arises from observation and contemplation over a longer period of time. Wisdom is, therefore, often the privilege of older people who have a broad knowledge […]

Quote by Steven Magee : “The joy of research is”

The joy of research is picking the fruits of discovery. – Steven Magee