Quote by Karen Arnold : “Outstanding students of color arrived”

Outstanding students of color arrived on campus without the web of white middle-class family and school structures that provided Anglo students with practical knowledge in such areas as college choice strategies and career planning. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “Female valedictorians marry a little”

Female valedictorians marry a little later and participate somewhat more heavily in paid work than women in their age group nationally. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “Valedictorians were highly motivated to”

Valedictorians were highly motivated to excel academically because of early family and school experiences. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “The record is clear nothing”

The record is clear; nothing succeeds like success and there is no predictor of academic success better than a history of academic success. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “Academically capable men and women”

Academically capable men and women almost never follow a single-minded interest from childhood into careers. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “College bonds weakened for students”

College bonds weakened for students of who lived off campus, took outside employment, and maintained active family commitments. Unskilled in navigating the university, these students were unlikely to enter the personal networks where insiders traded the practical information they desperately needed. – Karen Arnold

Quote by Karen Arnold : “As valedictorians matured from high”

As valedictorians matured from high school they began to change their views of success from stereotypical ideals such as material wealth or emulating their parents’ lifestyle to an idea created on their own. They now sought balance between money, career and family as opposed to, say, only wealth. Academically and careerwise most of them were […]

Quote by Karen Arnold : “Extremely talented students face an”

Extremely talented students face an odd danger: they do so well in the paths they choose that they might not question whether the direction really fits them. – Karen Arnold