Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Love yourself as you are”

Love yourself as you are! Instead of focusing too much on the outer beauty, one must always choose to value the inner beauty. Your skin and the hair color doesn’t really matter, none of them defines who you truly are! – Jyoti Patel

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “They tell you That the”

They tell you That the world will love you backIf you love yourself enoughI am sorry to sayIt doesn’t really work in that wayKnow your worthWhen someone treats you likeYou are ordinaryKnow your worthWhen he fails to appreciate youKnow your worthWhen he tells you thatHe no longer needs youKnow your worthWhen she cannot love you […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “between the loveand the lustbetween”

between the loveand the lust,between the feelingsand the hormones,between the heartand the bodylove, feelings and the heartprevails over everything else. – Jyoti Patel

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “When we choose to spread”

When we choose to spread negativity, the bad vibes, or focus too much on spreading rumors and gossiping about the other person, it doesn’t show who that other person is but, it shows who we are to the world. – Jyoti Patel

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Life would be so good”

Life would be so good when people choose to talk to each other instead of talking about each other in the wrong ways before finding out the facts, life would be so better when someone chooses to not give the hate speeches with no deep understanding, life would be great without internet trolls. One must […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “You make some great promises”

You make some great promises in this journey called ‘life’. You tell people that you love them and need them but, in the end, you leave them in silence because, you feel heavy and lost & everything feels tough to you all of a sudden, you leave them in the hope that you find someone […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Just because of one or”

Just because of one or two or few failed relationships, people stop believing in love and some people never even care to look at love in a good way because of what others say, just because of others opinions and judgments. Some say, ‘men are dogs’ and some guys firmly believe ‘women only fall in […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Sometimes we give up on”

Sometimes, we give up on people at the first signs of trouble, some people are in this false belief that love takes away independence, so they feel more comfortable when they are single, the saddest part is, such people end up being depressed, lonely and sad one day because, they fail to understand that love […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Don’t forget toraise your voicewhen”

Don’t forget toraise your voicewhen their wordshurt your soul.Don’t forget to shove,when they try to hush you.If every time you lookat yourself, andall that you can see isthe ruined mascara,dry lips and burning eyesGirl,that’s the proof for youto pack your bags and leave.If they bury youwith the roses andburn you alivewith their wordsGirl,that’s the proof […]

Quote by Jyoti Patel : “Count your blessings Focus on”

Count your blessings. Focus on what you’ve got. Spread the positive vibes. – Jyoti Patel