Quote by Jose R. Coronado : “Become a humble nonresistant ”

Become a humble, non-resistant & agreeing with thy adversary, for it is the only way to be. This is true because we must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extension in which we “are”, and what we are depends on what we “think”.When we think we are, we can […]

Quote by Jose R. Coronado : “The mass of life is”

The mass of life is controlled by a mass of weight.For ignorance is no excuse and the root to all evil. – Jose R. Coronado

Quote by Jose R. Coronado : “Human nature towards the Truth”

Human nature towards the Truth weakens in heart while falsehood increases and the more it rises, the more powerful those in power become. The fact that man is fact of life should bring him to a recognition that the delusions of life and the opinions of others are of no power. – Jose R. Coronado

Quote by Jose R. Coronado : “The wicked snatch a widows”

The wicked snatch a widows baby from her breasts, taking the baby as a security loan. They condemn the innocent in its tribunals & release the guilty though bribery. – Jose R. Coronado