Quote by John Dewey : “There is no such thing”

There is no such thing as educational value in the abstract. The notion that some subjects and methods and that acquaintance with certain facts and truths possess educational value in and of themselves is the reason why traditional education reduced the material of education so largely to a diet of predigested materials. – John Dewey

Quote by John Dewey : “Traditional education tended to ignore”

Traditional education tended to ignore the importance of personal impulse and desire as moving springs. But this is no reason why progressive education should identify impulse and desire with purpose and thereby pass lightly over the need for careful observation, for wide range of information, and for judgment is students are to share in the […]

Quote by John Dewey : “Give the pupils something to”

Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results. – John Dewey

Quote by John Dewey : “Experience presents itself as the”

Experience presents itself as the method, and the only method, for getting at nature, penetrating its secrets, and wherein nature empirically discloses (by the use of empirical method in natural science) deepens, enriches and directs the further development of experience. – John Dewey

Quote by John Dewey : “A single course of studies”

A single course of studies for all progressive schools is out of the question; it would mean abandoning the fundamental principle of connection with life-experiences. – John Dewey

Quote by John Dewey : “For in spite of itself”

For in spite of itself any movement that thinks and acts in terms of an ‘ism becomes so involved in reaction against other ‘isms that it is unwittingly controlled by them. For it then forms its principles by reaction against them instead of by a comprehensive, constructive survey of actual needs, problems, and possibilities. – […]

Quote by John Dewey : “Mathematics is often cited as”

Mathematics is often cited as an example of purely normative thinking dependent upon a priori canons and supra-empirical material. But it is hard to see how the student who approaches the matter historically can avoid the conclusion that the status of mathematics is as empirical as metallurgy. – John Dewey

Quote by John Dewey : “Every great advance in science”

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. – John Dewey