Author:John Charles Walsham Reith
Topics:Quotes about Education

Quote by John Charles Walsham Reith : “Momentous cardinal decision — the”

Momentous, cardinal decision — the choice of one’s work in the world; of one’s career. Few for whom the choice is early obvious and settled; few who can choose on their own. The initial responsibility is with those who are supposed to set us on the road. How often the choice, if choice it be is made for the boy — or even by him — on some fortuitous irrelevant circumstance. Or he just drifts into this or that. No conscious, serious, deliberate, reasoned effort rightly to choose. Hence the unhappiness and unsettlement of uncongenial, unsuitable occupation. Hence inefficiency and wastage in every business; in the business of the country.First requirement — an honest and determined effort to discover and understand oneself; one’s characteristics; abilities and disabilities; inclinations and disinclinations; assets and liabilities; temperament and disposition; an integration to the all-wisdom of knowing oneself. Then as to occupation. Decision not by appearance and incidental, in ignorance of what is involved in training and pursuit. Every profession and trade and calling has its special conditions, requirements, opportunities; they can easily be ascertained. Review these against the knowledge of one’s own characteristics and so the highest common factor can be determined. Too mathematical? Even if the part that conscious choice can play be exaggerated, it is better thus to err. At least it is worth the effort. – John Charles Walsham Reith