Quote by Jared Taylor : “A 2008 Wall Street Journal”

A 2008 Wall Street Journal article entitled America’s Universities are Living a Diversity Lie – Jared Taylor

Quote by Jared Taylor : “Clearly our immigration policies should”

Clearly, our immigration policies should be reexamined. A convincing case can be made on environmental grounds alone that a nation of 300,000,000 needs no more people, especially since it would enjoy natural growth if the borders were closed tomorrow. How can we possibly claim to be fighting environmental degradation or hope for energy independence when […]

Quote by Jared Taylor : “Universities promote diversity On April”

Universities promote diversity. On April 24, 1997, 62 research universities led by Harvard bought a full-page advertisement in the New York Times that justified racial preferences in university admissions by explaining that diversity is a value that is central to the very concept of education in our institutions. – Jared Taylor