Quote by Immanuel Kant : “I had therefore to rem”

I had therefore to remove knowledge, in order to make room for belief.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “All our knowledge begi”

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “Science is organized k”

Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “Intuition and concepts”

Intuition and concepts constitute… the elements of all our knowledge, so that neither concepts without an intuition in some way corresponding to them, nor intuition without concepts, can yield knowledge.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “But although all our k”

But although all our knowledge begins with experience, it does not follow that it arises from experience.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “It is beyond a doubt t”

It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “Since in early youth it”

Since in early youth it cannot be known what ends are likely to occur to us in the course of life, parents seek to have their children taught a great many things, and provide for their skill in the use of means for all sorts of arbitrary ends, of none of which can they determine […]

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “If I have a book”

If I have a book that thinks for me, a pastor who acts as my conscience, a physician who prescribes my diet, and so on… then I have no need to exert myself. I have no need to think, if only I can pay; others will take care of that disagreeable business for me. – […]

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “An age cannot bind itself”

An age cannot bind itself and ordain to put the succeeding one into such a condition that it cannot extend its (at best very occasional) knowledge , purify itself of errors, and progress in general enlightenment. That would be a crime against human nature, the proper destination of which lies precisely in this progress and […]

Quote by Immanuel Kant : “Rules for happiness something to”

Rules for happiness: something to do, someone to love, something to hope for. – Immanuel Kant