Quote by Herbert Hoover : “Public health service “

Public health service should be as fully organized and as universally incorporated into our governmental system as is public education. The returns are a thousand fold in economic benefits, and infinitely more in reduction of suffering and promotion of human happiness.

Quote by Herbert Hoover : “At 15 years of age”

At 15 years of age, I left school to practice the profession of Office Boy in a business firm in Salem, Oregon. – Herbert Hoover

Quote by Herbert Hoover : “I am no supporter of”

I am no supporter of factory labor for children, but I have never joined with those who clamored against proper work of children on farms outside their school hours. – Herbert Hoover

Quote by Herbert Hoover : “No greater nor more affectionate”

No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him. – Herbert Hoover

Quote by Herbert Hoover : “All men are equal before”

All men are equal before fish. – Herbert Hoover

Quote by Herbert Hoover : “New discoveries in science will”

New discoveries in science will continue to create a thousand new frontiers for those who still would adventure. – Herbert Hoover