Quote by HeatherMarsh : “A self is not consciousness”

A self is not consciousness and a self is not life. A self is the unique positioning of an individual relative to society. Self is a wholly social creation. – HeatherMarsh

Quote by HeatherMarsh : “The answer to the riddle”

The answer to the riddle posed by identity groups is that they are one entity and their identity is that of their ideal. There can be no shared identity among people, as each person is unique. – HeatherMarsh

Quote by HeatherMarsh : “The field of psychology has”

The field of psychology has been less than successful at explaining human behaviour. It has been far less successful at establishing a normative ideal for human development. – HeatherMarsh

Quote by HeatherMarsh : “Information freedom is the freedom”

Information freedom is the freedom to access, participate in, understand and benefit from knowledge creation. This includes access to raw data, transparent auditing processes which include both elite knowledge and complete and immediate feedback from user groups and anyone else impacted, and interpretation which flows directly from the audit without interference from coercive manipulation. – […]