Quote by Harken Headers : “The mind is the hardest”

The mind is the hardest aspect to convince when youare proposing the idea of change. It is a hard process indeed, but once you got themind convinced and saying, Yea, you know what. That change thing you weretalking about. Sounds like a pretty good idea, – Harken Headers

Quote by Harken Headers : “I only plant seedsit’s up”

I only plant seeds,it’s up to you to nurture them and let them grow. – Harken Headers

Quote by Harken Headers : “You don’t have to be”

You don’t have to be a master researcher just usecommon sense. Compare resources. Get all sides to the story. Trial and error. Testthis knowledge yourself. Etc Etc Etc. – Harken Headers

Quote by Harken Headers : “Remember to not just rely”

Remember to not just rely on one source. Combine all sides of theequation so you can go to sleep with this info and wake up saying, Yeah, this stuffright here, that’s good stuff. – Harken Headers