Quote by Herb Ritts : “Even though I didn’t g”

Even though I didn’t get a business degree, I enjoyed learning about economics.

Quote by Gloria Stuart : “When I graduated from “

When I graduated from Santa Monica High in 1927, I was voted the girl most likely to succeed. I didn’t realize it would take so long.

Quote by Christine Gregoire : “When nearly a third of”

When nearly a third of our high school students do not graduate on time with their peers, we have work to do. We must design our middle and high schools so that no student gets lost in the crowd and disconnected from his or her own potential.

Quote by George Weinberg : “My father, who was fro”

My father, who was from a wealthy family and highly educated, a lawyer, Yale and Columbia, walked out with the benefit of a healthy push from my mother, a seventh grade graduate, who took a typing course and got a secretarial job as fast as she could.

Quote by Ted Nelson : “So in my uncertainty, “

So in my uncertainty, I went to graduate school and there it all happened.

Quote by Sara Paretsky : “I went to college at t”

I went to college at the University of Kansas, where I got a degree in political science.

Quote by Richard King : “I’m not impressed by s”

I’m not impressed by someone’s degree… I’m impressed by them making movies.

Quote by Mark Kennedy : “I was the first boy in”

I was the first boy in the Kennedy family to graduate from college.

Quote by Ken Buck : “I think women as well “

I think women as well as men are concerned about jobs and the economy and spending and, and other issues. They’re concerned that when their kids graduate from college they have an economy and they have a future in this country and they, they have the same opportunity that we’ve had and our grandparents have […]

Quote by Peter Gallagher : “I was about to get a d”

I was about to get a degree in economics when I accepted that I’d be a lousy businessman, and if I didn’t give acting a try I’d regret it for the rest of my life.