Quote by Glen Hansard : “You know, albums are a”

You know, albums are a funny thing. They’re not like an intellectual decision. It’s a collection of your kind of musings.

Quote by Adlai Stevenson II : “A funny thing happened”

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the White House.

Quote by Jerry Stiller : “Never go for the punch”

Never go for the punch line. There might be something funnier on the way.

Quote by Russell Howard : “I’m trying to write a “

I’m trying to write a film with my friend. I’d love to get the thrill of speaking actors making my work even funnier.

Quote by Conan O’Brien : “If you watch a lot of “

If you watch a lot of television, the pacing, the quick cutting is so frenetic, but it doesn’t always make it funnier. What I’m noticing is that when things are allowed to unspool more slowly, younger crowds really like it. They really appreciate it.

Quote by Tom Green : “I have the version of “

I have the version of me where I’m interviewing someone, where I definitely am the straight man, and I like to show a lot of respect to my guest and let them take the reins. I don’t like to compete with my guests. I don’t like to be funnier than my guests or get into […]

Quote by Harvey Pekar : “You can find heroism e”

You can find heroism everyday, like guys working terrible jobs because they’ve got to support their families. Or as far as humor, the things I see on the job, on the street, are far funnier than anything you’ll ever see on TV.

Quote by Dylan O’Brien : “In regard to performin”

In regard to performing, it couldn’t be funnier that I ended up being an actor, because I’m really shy. Unless I’m really comfortable with a person.

Quote by John Cho : “People expect me to be”

People expect me to be funnier.

Quote by Al Sharpton : “I won vice president o”

I won vice president of my student body in high school. That doesn’t mean anything.