Quote by Amar Bose : “At MIT, I had the good”

At MIT, I had the good fortune for seven years to teach network theory, which is basic to many disciplines, to one-third of the undergraduate student body. It was an experiment to see how high we could bring their level of understanding, and it exceeded all of my expectations.

Quote by Robert Frost : “It’s a funny thing tha”

It’s a funny thing that when a man hasn’t anything on earth to worry about, he goes off and gets married.

Quote by Om Malik : “The funny thing is tha”

The funny thing is that I used to be a blogger, but it wasn’t known as ‘blogging’ at that time. This was in the ’99/2000 time frame.

Quote by JPEGMAFIA : “The idea of me being a”

The idea of me being an icon or something is a very funny thing, just because of my own weird insecurities. But, yeah… probably because I toiled away being nothing for so long.

Quote by Chris Evans : “The funny thing about “

The funny thing about directing is that you have your own opinions, but it’s a collaboration. Directing is a group effort. Even though you might think something works, the smartest thing you can do as a director is try and weigh the opinions of the people around you.

Quote by Ryan North : “The funny thing with O”

The funny thing with Ophelia is that I remembered her being this really cool, awesome female character when I read ‘Hamlet’ in high school, and when I went back and read it, no, she’s not.

Quote by Alan Ladd : “It’s a funny thing abo”

It’s a funny thing about me. I don’t have any interest in food most of the time now, although when I was a kid I was always hungry.

Quote by Robert M. Pirsig : “The funny thing about “

The funny thing about insane people is that it is kind of the opposite of being a celebrity. Nobody envies you.

Quote by Patrick Chan : “Experience is a funny “

Experience is a funny thing. You don’t always have it when you need it.

Quote by Pauly Shore : “Death isn’t a funny th”

Death isn’t a funny thing. We’re all lucky to be living.