Quote by Flea : “I had a friend who”

I had a friend who had been teaching music for a long time, and he knew a bunch of teachers, so I just put up the money and started a school. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “When I was growing up”

When I was growing up, in L.A., I went to these schools, Fairfax High School, Bancroft Junior High School, and they had great music departments. I always played in the orchestra, the jazz band, the marching band. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “About 1314 years ago I”

About 13-14 years ago, I went back to my alma mater, Fairfax High School, and ran into the music teacher. She invited me to come speak to the kids about the viability of a music career. When I went into the room where I used to play every day in a big orchestra, they had […]

Quote by Flea : “Lucky enough through the public”

Lucky enough, through the public school system, I had been able to have some music education, and that gave me something to focus on, and discipline – like a family to feel part of. There was a healthy family. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “The Silverlake Conservatory is a”

The Silverlake Conservatory is a nonprofit music school in Los Angeles where we teach music, mostly to kids, but to people of all ages – people who are old, people with beards, all kinds of people. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “A big part of my”

A big part of my life is music education because it changed my life – but arts, academics and athletics should all be equally treated in the school. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “For me music was the”

For me, music was the only reason I went to school. I was kind of a street kid, in a lot of trouble committing crimes and stuff. Music gave me something to focus on. – Flea

Quote by Flea : “I went to school and”

I went to school and studied music for a year at USC, which unlocked a bunch of doors for me in terms of my relationship to music. – Flea