Quote by Fidel Castro : “Ignorance is the root of”

Ignorance is the root of many ills. Knowledge must be the fundamental ally of nations that aspire, despite all their tragedies and problems, to become truly emancipated, to build a better world. – Fidel Castro

Quote by Fidel Castro : “At the age of 6”

At the age of 6, a teacher full of ambitions, who taught in the small public school of Biran, convinced my family that I should travel to Santiago de Cuba to accompany my older sister who would enter a highly prestigious convent school. Including me was a skill of that very teacher from the little […]

Quote by Fidel Castro : “We are proud of the”

We are proud of the history of our country; we learned it in school and have grown up hearing of freedom, justice and human rights. – Fidel Castro