Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “There is a simple rule”

There is a simple rule regarding wisdom: those who have a superficial knowledge cannot be wise. On the contrary, wise people have broad knowledge. However, besides the acquired knowledge, wisdom arises from observation and contemplation over a longer period of time. Wisdom is, therefore, often the privilege of older people who have a broad knowledge […]

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “Those who know more can”

Those who know more can easily understand that they actually know so little. – Eraldo Banovac

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “Knowledge cannot be inherited nor”

Knowledge cannot be inherited nor can it simply be gifted. – Eraldo Banovac

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “In general people accumulate knowledge”

In general, people accumulate knowledge gradually over a long period of time. However, there are extraordinary people all around us, who are capable of accumulating impressive amounts of knowledge within a relatively short period of time. Nevertheless, even the greatest genius possesses only a small fraction of all knowledge known by mankind. Finally, the following […]

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “A good man shares his”

A good man shares his knowledge selflessly with everyone. – Eraldo Banovac

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “If you intend to evaluate”

If you intend to evaluate how your knowledge is applicable, transfer it to others. – Eraldo Banovac

Quote by Eraldo Banovac : “It is equally important to”

It is equally important to learn from experience and from books. – Eraldo Banovac