Quote by Elmar Hussein : “Every science is a child”

Every science is a child of philosophy. Therefore, each took something from the parent before eventually moving and becoming independent. However, a good parent is always a symbol of deep wisdom, huge life experience and tremendous support for the child. – Elmar Hussein

Quote by Elmar Hussein : “Some feminists are really very”

Some feminists are really very interesting people. Science cannot unambiguously clarify which one — nature or nurture— fundamentally determines personality traits and human behavior, but some feminist movements already distinguish sex (biological factors) from gender (social factors), insisting that social cultivation can significantly modify social roles and behavior patterns and radically change the perception of […]

Quote by Elmar Hussein : “The fundamental difference between ideology”

The fundamental difference between ideology and science is that the former asserts what you or someone else would prefer to hear, and the second about what is plausible in his vision, without taking this preference into account. Ideology can never be more than a subjective value judgment, while science must be free from that judgment. […]

Quote by Elmar Hussein : “Science has more questions than”

Science has more questions than answers to any topic. Any answer entails more than one question. Therefore, to be a scientist is to be ready to live with this suffering. – Elmar Hussein

Quote by Elmar Hussein : “It is much more difficult”

It is much more difficult for women to succeed in science than for men, not because their intelligence is lower than that of men, but because, unlike men, they tend to spend their time and energy mainly on conversations and dreams. However, what makes them women is only those distinguishing features, without which they would […]