Quote by Edward O. Wilson : “It follows that most people”

It follows that most people would very much like science to prove the existence of God but not to take the measure of His capacity. – Edward O. Wilson

Quote by Edward O. Wilson : “Science has become the most”

Science has become the most democratic of all human endeavors. It is neither religion nor ideology. It makes no claims beyond what can be sensed in the real world. It generates knowledge in the most productive and unifying manner contrived in history, and it serves humanity without obeisance to any particular tribal deity. – Edward […]

Quote by Edward O. Wilson : “People would rather believe than”

People would rather believe than know. – Edward O. Wilson

Quote by Edward O. Wilson : “One of its most distinguished”

One of its most distinguished practitioners, Alexander Rosenberg, has recently argued that philosophy in fact addresses just two issues: the questions that the sciences—physical, biological, and social—cannot answer, and the reasons for that incapacity. – Edward O. Wilson

Quote by Edward O. Wilson : “Science its imperfections notwithstanding is”

Science, its imperfections notwithstanding, is the sword in the stone that humanity finally pulled. The question it poses, of universal and orderly materialism, is the most important that can be asked in philosophy and religion. – Edward O. Wilson