Quote by Yo Gotti : “I didn’t study no rapp”

I didn’t study no rappers when I was coming up. I was studying moguls. I was studying Jay Z. I was studying Puff. I was studying Master P.

Quote by Charles Stross : “The business of fictio”

The business of fiction is the study of the human condition, and gender is something that many humans are obsessed with, thus making it rather difficult to ignore when studying the human condition!

Quote by David Chalmers : “Even when I was studyi”

Even when I was studying mathematics, physics, and computer science, it always seemed that the problem of consciousness was about the most interesting problem out there for science to come to grips with.

Quote by Ilya Ilyin : “I’ve started spending “

I’ve started spending more of my time studying, trying to improve my IQ by reading and writing. I’ve missed out on a lot in life. I don’t regret this, of course. Nevertheless, I need to make up for lost time.

Quote by John Kasich : “I was a member of the “

I was a member of the Armed Services Committee for 18 years. I spent a big chunk of my life studying national security issues and our role in the world.

Quote by Maya Lin : “I started studying wha”

I started studying what the nature of a monument is and what a monument should be. And for the World War III memorial I designed a futile, almost terrifying passage that ends nowhere.

Quote by David Chalmers : “Actually, I think my v”

Actually, I think my view is compatible with much of the work going on now in neuroscience and psychology, where people are studying the relationship of consciousness to neural and cognitive processes without really trying to reduce it to those processes.

Quote by Maya Lin : “Growing up, I thought “

Growing up, I thought I was white. It didn’t occur to me I was Asian-American until I was studying abroad in Denmark and there was a little bit of prejudice.

Quote by Ram Charan : “My mom was a housewife”

My mom was a housewife and a sponge, who would absorb everything and make it all look like a fairytale when he entered the house. For instance, when he came home, I would always be seen studying with my books open. She always made sure that Dad went back to the shoot happily.

Quote by Bill Maris : “If you’re a technology”

If you’re a technology investor, and you decide that you’re also going to be a healthcare investor or a green-tech investor, that doesn’t usually work out that well. There are reasons why people make their careers studying these things and becoming experts.