Quote by David Fahrenthold : “The federal government”

The federal government requires that its loans be paid back within 10 years of graduation, and Harvard has pegged its loans to the same 10-year timetable. Yet despite Harvard’s low default rate, the idea of years of loan debt is daunting for some students even before it’s time to pay back.

Quote by Lee Pace : “A month before graduat”

A month before graduation I got an off-Broadway job. Then I did some commercials, including one for MCI. You can only see half of me, but it paid well. Thank God for commercials.

Quote by Barbi Benton : “When I was growing up,”

When I was growing up, we were in a high income bracket, one of the highest. I was one of the first in high school to get a car. And I didn’t have to wait for it to be a graduation present, either. We’ve probably got one of the nicest houses in Sacramento.

Quote by Nina Easton : “The mission of Patrick”

The mission of Patrick Henry College was to attract and cultivate academic stars from the ranks of home-schooled evangelicals, then send them off on graduation day to ‘shape the culture and take back the nation,’ in the words of a common home-schooling rallying cry.

Quote by Sonya Deville : “I started training at “

I started training at a local gym in New Jersey, and the day of my high school graduation, I packed up everything in my car and moved to Coconut Creek, Florida, where I trained with one of the best gyms in the world, American Top Team.

Quote by Angad Bedi : “I have studied and gra”

I have studied and graduated out of Delhi. I moved to Mumbai after graduation.

Quote by Vishwajeet Pradhan : “I have a good groundin”

I have a good grounding in yoga. I have been doing it from my graduation days.

Quote by Takashi Miike : “You know when I was a “

You know when I was a high school student I wasn’t a very good student. Upon graduation we were asked if we would become a full working adult or go to university. I decided to go to film school and still to this day I try to avoid being a full working adult.

Quote by Tony Finau : “I had a chance to win “

I had a chance to win $2 million, a week after high school graduation, and if I turned pro, the sponsor was going to financially support me.

Quote by Ayelet Waldman : “I was a lesbian for a “

I was a lesbian for a semester at Wesleyan – it was a graduation requirement.