Quote by Compton Gage : “It is far easier to”

It is far easier to move mountain than to move science by this one degree. We have the power to move mountain, if we have faith that the mountain can be moved. It is now that our faith is tested. The future of humankind hangs in the balance. – Compton Gage

Quote by Compton Gage : “Purity Serenity Solitude What you”

Purity. Serenity… Solitude: What you ought to uphold. But the important thing is whether you believe it. – Compton Gage

Quote by Compton Gage : “Hear about the hidden time”

Hear about the hidden time. Some think the hidden time is yet to come. The Kingdom of God does not come by Observation. It is hidden in the inner dimension. – Compton Gage