Quote by Dolly Parton : “I was probably 7 years”

I was probably 7 years old when I started playing the guitar and writing some serious songs.

Quote by Willie Nelson : “I started out writing “

I started out writing poems before I figured to put melodies to them and play the guitar. Somewhere, there’s a book out there on all those early songs and poems. I hope no one ever finds it. I don’t think it’s my finest work.

Quote by Synyster Gates : “Everything from the ly”

Everything from the lyrics to the production, solos to the writing – it’s all democratic. At the end of the day, you know, when you’re all done with the grind – which it is always an incredible grind for us to write records – I think it makes it that much more special to hear […]

Quote by Alice Walker : “I started writing as a”

I started writing as a child. But I didn’t think of myself actually writing until I was in college. And I had gone to Africa as a sophomore or something – no, maybe junior – and wrote a book of poems. And that was my beginning. I published that book.

Quote by Paulo Coelho : “I believe enlightenmen”

I believe enlightenment or revelation comes in daily life. I look for joy, the peace of action. You need action. I’d have stopped writing years ago if it were for the money.

Quote by Dr. Seuss : “The problem with writi”

The problem with writing a book in verse is, to be successful, it has to sound like you knocked it off on a rainy Friday afternoon. It has to sound easy. When you can do it, it helps tremendously because it’s a thing that forces kids to read on. You have this unconsummated feeling if […]

Quote by Marcus Garvey : “A reading man and woma”

A reading man and woman is a ready man and woman, but a writing man and woman is exact.

Quote by A Boogie wit da Hoodie : “I was always writing, “

I was always writing, since I was, like, 12.

Quote by Jane Asher : “I think all good writi”

I think all good writing is a struggle. To write as well as you feel you can has to be a struggle, almost by definition, because you could always improve.

Quote by Alan Rickman : “I suppose with any goo”

I suppose with any good writing and interesting characters, you can have that awfully overused word: a journey.