Quote by Willie Nelson : “Writing books is fun b”

Writing books is fun because after I do a show for a couple hours, I’m in a bus for 22 hours. It’s not hard for me to look out the window and tell a joke here and there.

Quote by Douglas Adams : “After ten years of wor”

After ten years of word processing, I can’t even do hand writing anymore.

Quote by Paulo Coelho : “I’d have stopped writi”

I’d have stopped writing years ago if it were for the money.

Quote by Ernest Hemingway : “After you finish a boo”

After you finish a book, you know, you’re dead. But no one knows you’re dead. All they see is the irresponsibility that comes in after the terrible responsibility of writing.

Quote by Maya Angelou : “Easy reading is damn h”

Easy reading is damn hard writing. But if it’s right, it’s easy. It’s the other way round, too. If it’s slovenly written, then it’s hard to read. It doesn’t give the reader what the careful writer can give the reader.

Quote by H. P. Lovecraft : “In writing a weird sto”

In writing a weird story, I always try very carefully to achieve the right mood and atmosphere and place the emphasis where it belongs.

Quote by Johnny Cash : “I’m very shy really. I”

I’m very shy really. I spend a lot of time in my room alone reading or writing or watching television.

Quote by Dave Morris : “In good writing, the c”

In good writing, the contemplative and the exciting happen at the same time.

Quote by Dick Schaap : “My writing improved th”

My writing improved the more I wrote – and the more I read good writing, from Shakespeare on down.

Quote by Aaron Sorkin : “As an actor, you are i”

As an actor, you are in a unique position because you’re not only memorizing dialogue but really embodying it. You naturally feel the rhythm of good writing.