Quote by Claudia Pavel : “I chose toFloat in contentment”

I chose to…Float in contentment and forgive all the deep painsAccept the shadows of my queer past…Encounter faith and that magic love from within Enrich my spirit with graceful emotions of who I am…Listen to the essence of life and collect its charm Cultivate the fascinating practice of spiritual well-being(Excerpted from Mindfulness, chapter Resilience) – […]

Quote by Claudia Pavel : “I want to write about”

I want to write about the Sea,whose waves run smoothly in incitement and carry joy, under the wings of freedom (Excerpted from Underneath horizons, chapter Resilience) – Claudia Pavel

Quote by Claudia Pavel : “I chose to Explore the”

I chose to… Explore the senses of this delightful universeBreathe the sensations of my body with every moveAbandon myself in flow and feel compassion Become aware of my existence and thank Lord for His blessings on me…(Excerpted from Mindfulness, chapter Resilience) – Claudia Pavel

Quote by Claudia Pavel : “…I’ll celebrate the waltz of”

…I’ll celebrate the waltz of stars, in endless harmonyI’ll dream with my angels, in far away lands And I will send love letters, to my future self…(Excerpted from My kind of resilience, chapter Resilience) – Claudia Pavel

Quote by Claudia Pavel : “I chose toLive and make”

I chose to…Live and make this living worth itPray with angels and receive their blessing…Enjoy the beauty of this mesmerizing world Feel the bliss with every passing morning…Hear the calling of my inner beautySway in tears of joy and embrace the flight…(Excerpted from Mindfulness, – Claudia Pavel

Quote by Claudia Pavel : “I return to the beginning”

…I return to the beginning of time Gathering fallen feathers of the angels’ wings Delighted, I breathe the infinite sky…(Excerpted from Healed by rain, chapter Resilience) – Claudia Pavel