Quote by Christopher Henry Dawson : “the more widely we extend”

…the more widely we extend the range of education, the more necessary it is to provide some principle of cohesion to counterbalance the centrifugal tendencies of specialization and utilitarianism. – Christopher Henry Dawson

Quote by Christopher Henry Dawson : “Today everybody admits that something”

Today everybody admits that something is wrong with the world, and the critics of Christianity are the very people who feel this most. The most violent attacks on religion come from those who are most anxious to change the world, and they attack Christianity because they think that it is an obstructive force that stands […]

Quote by Christopher Henry Dawson : “education has always meant the”

…education has always meant the initiation of the young into the social and spiritual inheritance of the community: in other words, education has meant the transmission of culture. – Christopher Henry Dawson

Quote by Christopher Henry Dawson : “Classical education was only half”

Classical education was only half the old system of European education–below it and above it there was the religious education that was common to the whole people, and the higher theological education that was peculiar to the clergy, who provided the majority of the teachers in both the other departments of education. Now the lowest […]